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Today's customers demand applications that deliver hyper-connectivity, extreme personalization, and real-time customizations.Web application development includes numerous stages like high level strategy techniques, exact arranging, essential research, business counseling, design, programming, testing and training. Therefore, we here at ExaData have assembled a team of full stack experts with years of experience in all major technologies. From front end development to back end coding, from user experience management to data management, from cloud-based device spanning apps to on-system software, we have expertise in all aspects of application development.

EXADATA as an organization that has a committed long term web application administration group document all procedures well and keep up high standards so the code is effectively managed and updated later on. Our testing team guarantees our software confirms to the latest web standards in addition to fast web page loading times, increased usability and web designed interfaces.

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What We Do!

EXADATA is a Custom CRM Development Services Company, where our customer centric approach allows us to make an array of advanced CRM solutions perfectly fitted for a flexible range of business requirements.

EXADATA delivers an innovative manufacturing industry ERP software solution that helps manufacturing enterprises stay lean, agile and competitive.EXADATA is committed to providing functionality that will help you address the ever-changing compliance landscape with modules.

EXADATA is an amazingly simple to use GST billing software for Indian Business. It lets you create beautiful invoices in GST format and manage finances without any accounting knowledge..

EXADATA is a global leader in helping countries around the world solve their health workforce challenges. We offer targeted technical expertise through short- and medium-term consulting services agreements.

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Exadata Mobile App Development Strategies

Mobile App Architecture

Selecting the right client architecture is the first step towards developing a mobile app. As a mobile app development company, we help in selecting the right client architecture among Mobile web app, native app and hybrid app approaches taking into consideration several unique aspects like sporadic connectivity, device form factor, variable bandwidth, user experience and multi-platform support.

Mobile App Consultation Services

As a top mobile app development company, Mindster helps you consider the mobile possibilities for your business and make you understand how a mobile solution will correctly fit your business model and delivers all the desired functionality. Our unique mobile strategy drives ROI for our clients, which help us to stand out from many mobile app development companies all over the world.

Mobile App UI/UX Design

Mindster being a mobile app design company designs any kind of mobile experience to solve various problems. The success of mobile app development is dependent on a combination of numerous features of which User Experience is the key. The apps, which have become world class until now are only the ones that have great UX. The best mobile design is the only way of creating best UX.

Mobile App Testing

Mobile apps are intended to support different mobile network and backend services over a broad range of network conditions. We have a keen focus on performance testing which ensures you optimal performance experience. Application quality and user experience are complex in mobility ecosystem; content, smartphones, user segments, form factors, bandwidth, network and more.

Mobile App Backend Development

A single database with vertical scaling strategy is is advisable for startups as it can take the startups well beyond the MVP stage to millions of users. However if additional time and budget is available we implement the shared DB architecture which can scale to the million users. Deployment architecture focuses on responsiveness, scalability and security.

Mobile App Integrations

Perhaps every mobile application requires integration to multiple backend systems, Ecommerce platforms, ERP, CRM, messaging services, reporting services, payment gateways and more. We have deep knowledge in integration with several platforms through standard web services or SDK. We also develop middleware platforms to connect to non-mobile channels via third party services.

Our Main Area of Focus
We have developed unique set of mobile apps development service tailored to the business goals of our clients. We have built 100+ mobile apps across various domains including:
Point of Sales Applications
Taxi Applications
Location Based Applications
Enterprise Applications
Social Networking Applications
E-commerce Applications
Payment Apps
Educational Apps